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Fujian MingXi base

Fujian MingXi base

Fujian MingXi base

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  Buried with flowers is one specialized is engaged in the garden seedlings cultivation、Development、Sales、The design and construction of integrated enterprise。
  The company after13Years of steady development,From the original“A piece of woodland、Five employees”Pure nursery stock sales enterprises,It has grown into000000-00-0-0-0-0Big seedlings“The warehouse” ,5The nursery stock base,3Big sales window platform,100More than on-the-job personnel,Inventory seedling and mountain forest ownership valuation is considerable。
  Company business scope:Forest protective collection;Urban greening seedling cultivation、Processing and sales;Rare and seedling breeding and sales;High-grade ancient stumps bonsai breeding sales;The botanical garden afforestation project construction...


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Flowers nursery stock rust prevention methods
Chinese gardens5Month25Daily news:Flowers and green trees rust is one of the common and serious disease。There are many kinds of rust,The main harm rosaceae in garden、Bean、Lily family、Gramineae、Pinaceae、Beckwell and salicaceae nearly hundred kinds of flowers and plants nursery stock, etc。Transpiration and respiration speed after onset,Photosynthesis is weak,Growth potential,Earlier leaf yellow fall off,Or cause tumor stems、Fruit malformation, etc,Reduce production and ornamental value,Serious when even dead plants,In heavy losses。?A、A spate of symptoms characteristic of strain rust spores pile,In the leaves、First appeared in areas such as the stem pale green small spots,After expanding into brown blister rust
2019To start business|The pig sail new journey
End of the lunar New Year holiday!In this there is permeated with a breath of spring days,We are,The official start of the work!Big NianChuQi,To start business!Thriving,The pig!?????In full of opportunities and challenges2019,We are not in the past,Not to hard stop forward,Know when to go,To whole,With confidence,Open new journey!????2019,Have you hand in hand,The future is more wonderful!?????We believe in,Under the joint efforts of all staff,The company partners and friends from all walks of life support for help,We will be able to realize our dream!
High temperature day,Seedling so dig and packaging,To improve the survival rate!
Chinese gardens6Month1Daily news:The high temperature days,Seedling enhanced transpiration,Planting seedlings is not easy to live,How to dig and packaging to improve the survival rate??1、The preparation for mining?First of all, to choose and tag selected seedling,The amount should be more than lower branches、Long branches and relatively soft(The tree)Shrubs of wood or cluster diameter is larger,To use1.5Straw rope inside coarse branch to trunk therein,With several horizontal hoop rolled layered tied up a tree,Link together and vertical to horizontal hoop,In order to operation and transportation;The branch is higher、Trunks bare、Thin skin smooth、Sensitive to light and temperature of trees,